Dr. Eva Krampf-Farsky


Contractor of Austrian public health insurance companies


Private practice

Hauptstr. 98 / House 2 / App. 3
2344 Maria Enzersdorf

Ph: 02236/89 35 87
E-mail: rezeption@zahnarzt.at

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Dentist Dr. Krampf Farsky, Ordination Maria Enzersdorf, Mödling.

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Healthy and beautiful teeth contribute a lot to your well-being. In my practice a team of experienced and motivated professionals supports you to achieve that goal. State of the art dentistry gives you the best care from a team of specialists.

You can find information on many questions of dentistry in the Artikelsammlung (Article Collection, only available in German) on my homepage. All information from the Internet can only be of general nature. For a specific diagnosis and treatment planning, a visit to your dentist is always required.

Dr. Eva Krampf-Farsky